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Craft beer on a bicycle tour in nz

Like bike riding? Like beer more? Well, in Nelson – which lays claim to being the craft beer capitol of New Zealand – three craft breweries have teamed up with cycle tour provider the Gentle Cycling Co to provide a meandering, flat tour of the highlights of Nelson. The breweries – McCashin’s, Bays and Lighthouse […]

James squire friendship pints for sharing

James squire friendship pints for sharing

In order to commemorate the first voyage to Australia – and ergo the arrival of the brewery’s namesake – James Squire has launched new 586ml pint bottles of some of their best selling brews. Designed to mark the anniversary of the man himself being plonked onto the convict ship ‘Friendship’, and bound for the British […]

Carlton dry replays popular snow promotion

Carlton Dry is reprising their Snowpad promotion from 2012 and will be sending a lucky winner and their mates to Falls Creek to stay in “the ultimate winter penthouse”. The promotion is certainly aimed at maintaining beer sales now that the traditional beer drinking season is over. The use of promotions such a these are […]