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For the love of whisky

The Whisky Club, a new venture by Sullivans Cove’sBertie Cason, is set to deliver a truly enjoyable and interactive whisky experience straight to your door. The set-up is simple. On the first Friday of every month members will receive an email detailing the featured whisky for the month, along with tasting notes, history and food […]


The whisky club launches with 3750 bottle to win

Lovers of good whisky will no doubt be very pleased to learn that The Whisky Club has finally launched, and can be found at – and to celebrate the launch, the club is giving away a $3750 bottle of Sullivan’s Cove French Oak Cask HH509 – the very batch that was awarded a record-setting […]


Whisky the tipple at the younger end of the market

New research from Roy Morgan Research has shown that there’s been a surge in whisky consumption in Australia – and alongside the leap in popularity, there’s been a massive shift in market share among the major players. First, a look at consumption – and the research states that Australians now drink almost 19 million glasses […]


Lark distillery tas acquires old hobart distillery tas

On Friday, 17 January 2014, Lark Distillery will acquire Old Hobart Distillery and the Overeem brand, in a deal that will see both brands continue to operate as separate entities in the marketplace, but with Overeem as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lark. The move signals a couple of fundamental shifts in the Hobart whisky scene, […]