Young Henrys have added a limited edition coffee gin to their spirits stable in collaboration with South Melbourne roasters ST. ALi.

The ST. ALi x Young Henrys Coffee Gin is the latest spirits release for the Sydney brewery and distillery and follows the likes of their award-winning Noble Cut Gin and Ramblin Man Australian Whiskey. “Showcasing fruity, floral and caramel notes with a smooth finish”, the gin blends together hand-selected Peruvian coffee beans and incorporates cascara (dried coffee cherries) from El Salvador, juniper, Angelica root and Enigma hops grown in Tasmania.

Young Henrys’ head distiller Carla Daunton said: “This collab was a great meeting of the minds and of values in ST. ALi and Young Henrys coming together to create something innovative, fun and delicious. Amazing ST. ALi coffee and delicious Young Henrys spirit combined to become a fantastic coffee gin! The best of both worlds in a glass”.

Young Henrys said ST. ALi is known for being one of the first to define the Melbourne specialty coffee scene and who has “continued to push the boundaries forward, providing ethically and sustainably sourced blends since their inception in 2005. Making their mark as the chosen coffee partner for local and international business like Mercedes Benz, Koko Black and more, ST. ALi proudly remains independent”.

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