A match made in a Queenslander’s idea of heaven has been spiced up for this year’s limited release as Eumundi Brewery and Bundaberg Rum Distillery’s unveil their EU-BUNDY Spiced Rum Lager.

Following on from last year’s EU-BUNDY Black Rum and Plum Pudding Ale and the EU-BUNDY IPA in 2020, the collaborators’ have used a crisp lager base and combined it with Bundaberg’s Spiced Rum for the 2022 5.0% ABV release.

Head brewer at Eumundi Chris Sheehan (pictured above on the right) said the partnership continues to combine two of the finest Queensland producers who both have strong roots in the local community.

“When we released the EU-BUNDY Black Rum and Plum Pudding Ale last year, we were astonished by its popularity, with people lining up to get their hands on the festive release,” Chris said. “We’re confident this classic blend will be the cheers of the town – and is bound to be a hit with those looking to crack open a cold one with the beer lovers in their life, or a great pairing to enjoy themselves this Summer.

“It’s a classic Aussie lager mixed with a classic Aussie rum. A lagery lager with Bundaberg Spiced Rum – lightly infused with hints of vanilla and aromatic spices.”

Duncan Littler from the Bundaberg Rum Distillery (pictured above on the left) is also eager to welcome the new lager, which he described as “the best of the two best worlds, in one can”.

“Last year we developed the Black Rum and Plum Pudding Ale which was a darker ‘crafty’ beer. This year, we are using a crisp lager base and combining it with our Bundaberg Spiced Rum, giving drinkers a cracking rum-infused beer that has a super refreshing taste.”

A limited release of the EU-BUNDY Spiced Rum Lager is at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, The Imperial Hotel Eumundi, online at eumundibrewery.com.au and other select stores in Queensland.

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