Nomad Brewing Co have released a hazy Pale Ale today – the Rollin’ Haze (4.6%) – as the latest addition to their core range of beers. We sat down with their head brewer Brooks Caretta to go behind the beer.

Tell us why you’re releasing a hazy Pale as the newest entry in your core range?
We’ve been interested in, and following, different Pale Ales that other breweries have been releasing and were fond of the style. We’ve filtered a few beers in the past, but mostly our beers have not been filtered, so now we’re doing more to give it a permanent haze.

What can people expect from Rollin’ Haze in terms of aroma, taste and overall drinkability?
The aroma is driven by tropical fruit like passion fruit, pineapple, mango, and some white berries. The taste is similar to the aroma, with a tropical fruit theme. It all makes for an overall easy drinking soft palate Pale Ale.

How have you put your Nomad touch on the hazy Pale category?
Like our other beers, it is followed by a can conditioning period which we firmly believe softens the mouthfeel even further and allows us to skip the ‘hop burn’ period.

You’ve chosen to release a hazy Pale rather than a hazy IPA, what are the reasons for that?
We wanted to brew more of a modern, contemporary, everyday beer. An IPA is more on the edge of a special event beer, whereas we were going for a go-to everyday beer.

What’s the hop line-up and what’s the overall result of the combined ingredients?
Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, HPA 016 and the overall result is a tropical fruit explosion! (Editor’s note – HPA 016 is an experimental hop developed by Hop Products Australia in 2004 and commercialised here just this year. It will be available to the rest of the world in 2021. Its ancestry is a cross pollination of high alpha Australian and North American hops.)

What challenges lie in the brewing process of this release and how do you overcome that?
We’ve had to do some research and testing on how to achieve a permanent haze while not having a negative impact on the beer. We changed our dry hopping schedule and made it a bit more strategic.

Nomad Brewing Co’s Rollin’ Haze Hazy Pale Ale core range beer is available from today on tap and for takeaway at the Brookvale brewery on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is also launching in NSW this weekend at the likes of Manly Leagues Club and at the Blue Gum Hotel while it will be stocked in independent bottles shops, Coles liquor stores and for delivery via

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