Old school versus new. West coast versus east. The debate is fierce in hip hop circles and equally as fervent in hop ones too and with that in mind Mountain Goat have positioned their latest Rare Breed releases – the Citra and Strata Triple IPAs – both unveiled at the same time and featuring some of the freshest can art we’ve seen all year*.

Taking the old school route with the classic hop variety, Citra‘s citrus burst is given an addition of real Valencia orange juice in the brew. Pouring burnished gold with a big white head and good clarity, the pure orange aromas battle for the stage with toffee sweetness, gooseberry and resiny pine. Sweet citrus flavours quickly evolve into bitter pith with chewy malts and a medium bitter finish.

Visually, Strata is near identical to the Citra in the glass, while its new school pedigree delivers a vibrant youthful freshness with spritely notes of passionfruit-led tropical fruits and a herby, cannabis-like dankness.

Tropical fruits and a bouncy bubblegum sweetness liven the palate with flavours lingering longer than a short bitter finish for even easier drinking than with its contemporary.

Mixing the two is arguably an even better drinking experience, as Strata’s tropical fruit notes aide Citra’s complexity. But together or apart these are both befitting of the Rare Breed moniker.

*Since last year Mountain Goat have engaged WA’s Highscore Creative director Will Schorer for the can art on the Rare Breed releases.

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