This had class written all over it long before the can was even opened, with Felons putting runs on the board early just on packaging alone.

Firstly, our sample arrived in Sydney from Brisbane in tip top, cold condition while the highly embellished and embossed can art is entirely befitting of the fact this is made in collaboration with artist Leans and is the official beer of the 2021 Brisbane Street Art Festival that is underway now and runs until May 16.

Leans (pictured above) might be more accustomed to covering entire walls with his art but despite this can being a much smaller canvas to work upon he’s made no less of an impact with it.

The excellent first impressions continue with the pour as the light gold liquid boasts excellent clarity and a firm all-white head where lacing followed the beer all the way down. The vibrant aromas are well layered and defined with notes of passionfruit, lime-citrus, pine and fresh baked rolls.

We’re not sure if its leanness across the palate is intentional to further tie in with the collaborating artist but this is remarkably crisp and light of foot for a 6.6% WCIPA. A light citrus burst makes it effortlessly drinkable while late brushstrokes of resiny pine and firm bitterness add to the overall picture.

One of street arts most redeeming features is its ability to be enjoyed by the everyman from far and wide and the same should apply to this well constructed and polished beer.

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