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Super hot beer weird goo

If you’ve ever, in a moment of apparent madness, tipped your beer onto a monumentally […]


Who pinched the pappy

The American bourbon industry is aghast – and lovers of top-shelf Kentucky spirit are (almost) […]


Spreadable beer

Now, we’re not entirely sure if this is completely and utterly awesome, or just a […]


Grandma chugging beers

Now, of course, here at the Beer & Brewer bunker, we’re all about the responsible […]


Beer enriched shampoo

The year was 1978, and it was a golden time for inventors. America was riding […]

Talk about a beer gut

So… stop us if you’ve heard this one: A man walks into a hospital, complaining […]


Guacamole beer

Dieter Foerstner of Los Angeles-based Angel City Brewery has launched a Kolsch-style Guacamole Ale that […]