Rocks Brewing Company has set up an ‘International Beer Exchange’ with Shipyard Brewing Company as it bids to sell its beers across the Pacific.

The exchange is with New England-based Shipyard Brewing Company and its sister brand Sea Dog Brewing Company. Rocks will partner with Shipyard to bring their beers to a new audience, over 16,000km away. In addition, Shipyard beers will also sending its beers to Rocks’ Sydney brewpub.

Rocks Brewing Company is owned and operated by Simon Osborn, and has existed in Sydney since 2008.

The concept was developed by Dave Phillips of Dave’s Tours, who met Fred Forsley, founder of Shipyard Brewing Company, in the brewery taproom in Portland, Maine.

“When Dave came back and told me about his adventures overseas we thought it was a great idea and an offer we couldn’t resist,” says Osborn. “We’re excited for Rocks Brewery to embark on this journey with the Shipyard team, both being family orientated businesses with a love of craft beer and independence to share with our mates.

“Introducing Shipyard’s unique flavours to the local Aussies and, in exchange, sending over a few of our favourite beers, The Governor and The Hangman, is a fun way to start the relationship. I’m looking forward to heading over to the US in the new year to taste the first brews.”

Rocks will begin pouring Shipyard’s beer from 20 December 2019, while two Rocks beers – golden ale The Governor and pale ale The Hangman – will be released on draft at the Shipyard Tasting Room in Portland, as well as select Sea Dog brewpubs, from 8 January 2020.

“Mainers are a lot like Aussies – we’re down to earth, practical and always up for a chat over a beer,” says Phillips. “What I saw in Fred closely mirrored what I understood Simon and his team at Rocks Brewing aspire to do. So it was a natural fit to put both Shipyard and Rocks together for the Beer Exchange. It’s also part of our global efforts to bring more people to local beer.”

“There are few diplomatic tools as powerful as a good pint,” adds Forsley. “We’re excited to be partnering with Rocks and to be able to continue sharing our product on fans across the world.

“As the cultures and countries continue to foster a friendly relationship, it only makes sense that it carries over into the barroom. We look forward to testing the program and the potential for these brands to grow in each market and we’ll see how far we can take it.”

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