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Worlds strongest beer on sale in sydney

Late last year, Scottish brewery Brewmeister set out to make the world’s strongest beer. The end result was something they called Snake Venom, and it’s not a thing to be trifled with, packing an insane 67.5% ABV. No, that’s not a typo… it’s really as strong as a cask strength whisky.

This week, the team at Barny’s Fine Wine & Ales in Sydney announced that they have secured extremely limited stock of both the Snake Venom, and Brewmeister’s earlier stab at a super-high alcohol beer, called Armageddon, which tips the scales at 65% ABV.

By “extremely limited”, we mean “blink and you’ll miss your chance to own a bottle” – there are just bottles of Snake Venom and only 8 bottles of Armageddon on offer, and at the time of writing, more than 40% of the stock has been sold on pre-order.

Barny’s is selling the beers at $200 for a 330ml Armageddon or a 250ml Snake Venom. For more info on how to order, visit the Barny’s website.