8 February 2011

Weyermann ® Malts is one of the top of the best in the malt and brewing industry. The specialty malt manufactory, founded in 1879 and located in Bamberg, has been listed in the “Lexikon der deutschen Weltmarktführer” – the encyclopedia of the German world market leaders.

On Monday the book was ceremonially introduced to the public in the Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch-Hall, attracting remarkable interest from the media. The encyclopedia lists “the” 1000 German companies with incomparable world-class success, published by Dr. Florian Langescheidt und Prof. Dr. Bernd Venohr. Besides companies such as Volkswagen, Adidas and Siemens, one also finds the specialty malt manufactory Weyermann® in Bamberg in this top class.

The strategy expert, Prof. Dr. Venohr, shows in his analysis of the factors of success that these companies not only focus on outstanding, innovative products of highest quality, but also on the intentional production within Germany and distinctive niche-market strategies. Weyermann ® Specialty Malts is a 132 year long-established company, producing the highest variety of specialty malts in its locations in Bamberg, Haßfurt and Leesau. As per Venohr this is a company, which “statistically shouldn´t exist anymore”.

Furthermore the publisher emphasizes on the “Made in Germany” management, concentrating on long-lasting customer loyalty and close relationships. “The human as the centre point of everything”, the motto of the Weyermann ® Company outlines this best.

Both editors mention, that no other industrial nation – neither the US nor China – bear so many world-class companies than Germany. In the regional point of view most of the German world market leaders are based within Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia, between the rivers Neckar and Main, also Weyermann ® Malt.

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