After launching in 2012 with much fanfare, the Tiger Street Football competition is back.

Teams will be given the chance to compete for AU$5000 in a knockout competition to decide who will score the prize money and the chance to compete further and for even bigger prize pools.

Televised globally on ESPN, the tournament will take place4-5 May 2013 and is carried out in a specially designedoval caged pitch withno sidelines, necessitating high energy and continuous play.

The 2013 competition will also have a star ambassador who will be announced in coming weeks.

Tiger Street Football is a five-a-side competition consisting of two six minute halves, with two minutes of half time. All participants must be male and at least 18 years of age to register.

For more details on Tiger Street Football, or to register a team, visit to find out how you can be part of Tiger Street Football in Australia.

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