The Ballarat Beer Festival has joined the ranks of events that have created specialty beers to commemorate their event.

Helped by the friendly folk at Ballarat University, the Ballarat Uni Brewers’ Ale will be exclusively available at this year’s event.

According to Dr Peter Aldred, the beer, brewed at the university, is an Ale with a base of pale and Munich malts that are also produced in Ballarat, making the brew a local product in every sense.

“It’s a golden-amber colour with malty-biscuity characters in the aroma and palate,” he says. “[It also includes] North American aroma hop varieties – Cascade and Willamette – and has a spicy-citrusy aroma. It finishes with a lingering bitterness balancing the malty palate.”

The beer is sure to be a highlight in an already packed festival schedule that includes intimate brewer dinners before the big day as well as plenty to keep punters entertained as they sample the brews on festival day.

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