It’s official. The tickets for the 60-plus events that will be kicking off around Sydney in October are now on sale. In the words of the organisers themselves: “Do yourself a favour and buy everything, now.” There is less than 50 days to go… don’t miss out.

There are event for everyone – from serious beer geeks through to novices and foodies – so don’t hesitate to get involved.

One of the events we’re excited for is the Beer Mimics Food theme that will see some of Sydney’s top chefs and food critics paired with awesome local brewers to collaborate on a range of beers aimed at showcasing the diversity of flavour that is possible with beer and food matching.

Punters can expect some seriously bold beer creations if Myffy Rygby’s plans with 4 Pines Head Brewer Andrew Tweddell are anything to go by.

“To start, we wanted to pick a special flavour – something no one else is doing. Adriano Zumbo and Darren Robertson, from the Three Blue Ducks, are also brewing beers to be showcased the same night as Time Out [that’s the 23rdof October at 4 Pines, folks] so we mentally ticked off anything foraged, and anything remotely resembling a macaron,” she says. “So wesat down with Andrew and spit-balled some ideas. Most of which he shot down. Guinness, oyster and surf weeds? Nope. Wagon Wheel? Nuh-uh. Toobs? Burger Rings? Twisties? Just stop right there. We were running out of ideas at this point, and were about to suggest yabby sandwich, when it came to us: New Orleans Breakfast! A mash-up of chicory coffee and beignets, cinnamon and dandelion. He likes it. We made a brew date and have spent a lot of time boasting to anyone that’ll listen in the meantime.”

And what has she learned already from her foray into the world of craft brewing? “It turns out drinking beer is a lot easier than brewing it,” says Rygby.

Other combos include Jared Ingersoll, Danks St Depot, with David Padden of Riverside Brewing and Tim Thomas of HopDog Beer Works, as well as a solo brew from Southern Bay Brewing’s Steve Henderson.

And to add to the fun Sydney homebrewers can get involved in a competition to have their Beer Mimics Food creation pro brewed at 4 Pines Brewing. Check the Local Taphouse website for more details.

For all events, head to the Sydney Craft Beer Week events page to choose your favourites and get booking.

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