Leading glass container maker, Owens-Illinois, Inc. (O-I), has received a 4.3 from a possible 5, from the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) for its annual report, recognising O-I’s strong commitment to product stewardship.

The annual reporting process enables APC signatories to demonstrate their yearly progress against key performance targets, and how they have contributed to the overall objectives and goals of the APC.

Stan Moore, CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant, commended O-I for its report’s transparency and for achieving important environmental objectives.

“O-I has been an active supporter of the APC and the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines,” he says. “The success of the APC is directly related to the actions of our signatories and O-I’s efforts are very commendable.”

The company is consistently dedicated to adopting sustainable packaging guidelines, recovery and recycling of glass packaging into new glass containers, and continuous improvement of their design and manufacturing processes.

According to Brian Slingsby, General Manager, O-I Australia, the company will continue to be a significant partner to the APC and remains well positioned to make major inroads on packaging resource recovery, both directly and through their customers.

“Submitted in March, our report highlights some of the key environmental initiatives our business has undertaken,” he says. “Our annual report’s high-rating, cements our position as a leading Australian manufacturer at the forefront of developing and implementing sustainable business practices to reduce our impact on the environment and surrounding communities.”

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