Hahn’s “Pioneering Beering” campaign has uncovered a range of ideas through the website which aims to get punters to submit either a problem for solving or an idea for making beer better. The suggestions so far have included everything from bacon-flavoured beer to a break-proof rubber bottle, and pick-up lines on bottle caps to the very rather simple (and a bit cheeky) suggestion of “flavour”.

All these ideas and more have been submitted in the hope of scoring enough votes on Hahn’s website to win $1,000 gift card and a chance to see their idea brought to life. The prizes are handed out monthly along with the glory of having, what may have seemed like a ridiculous concept, tested, refined and even prototyped by the Hahn Academy. Five runners up also will receive $45 gift card.

Launched earlier this year, Hahn Academy ties in with their ad campaigns and the new television show The Beer Factor and is aimed at getting maximum audience involvementin their concept of “pioneering beering”. According to Jon Bradshaw, Brand Director at Lion, the Hahn brand has always had an unconventional approach. “We’re always open for new ideas so we decided to cast the net wider and ask Aussies what they want from their beer. From this, the Hahn Academy was born. The most exciting part is that we may be able to actually run with the ideas and bring them to life,” Bradshaw said.

In fact, the team were so taken with the first month’s winner – bacon flavoured beer – that the brewers have already started work on perfecting the recipe. “When it’s ready we’ll be sure to send it to our winner to see if the concept is as good on paper as it is in real life,” Bradshaw said.

This first choice of a winner presents an interesting idea, but hardly an original one. Our friendly bacon-loving allies in the land of the stars and stripes have a long history of making stuff with bacon flavour including, but not limited to, dental floss, mints, gum, lipgloss and vodka. So, unsurprisingly, they have already gone down the bacon beer route – more than once. But the results aren’t always positively received so it will be fascinating to see where Hahn will go with this one.

For everyone else who would like to dtretch their creative genius, idea submissions for Hahn Academy will be open until the end of September. To check out some of the suggestions or to submit an idea visit www.hahn.com.au

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