Summer is here and so too is the latest edition of Beer & Brewer featuring an overarching theme on sour beers, our 2021 Industry Awards, how to brew Cold IPAs, 112 separate craft beer, cider and brewed hard seltzer reviews and much more.

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With Philter’s head brewer and co-owner Sam Füss gracing the cover as our Best Brewer of the year award recipient, we also name winners in the fields of Lifetime Achievement, Best New Brewing Company, Best Home Brew Shop, Best Bottleshop, Best Online Retailer and Best Brewery Experience.

What else you’ll find

  • We look at sour beers from multiple angles, with a column from sensory analyst Briony Liebich giving insights on how to approach tasting them, ex-Feral brewer Will Irving shares brewing advice as well as one of his recipes while we publish other DIY recipes for a Lambic, a Berliner Weisse as well as Black Hops’ Frontyards Cucumber & Mint Gose.
  • Our panel of sensory experts span the spectrum in 112 crafty reviews where hazy beers are our seasonal focus although we sample everything from a barrel-aged amber sour to a passionfruit Pavlova hard seltzer.
  • Home brew guru John Palmer fills you in on what Cold IPAs are and then how to brew a great one.
  • We chart the ascension of NoLo beers with Brick Lane, Heaps Normal, Sobah, UpFlow and NORT and try to predict where this booming category is heading next.
  • The likes of BentSpoke’s Richard Watkins, Colonial’s Ash Hazell and Little Bang’s Ryan Davidson fill you in on what they’ll be drinking this Summer as we discover how our warm weather palates have evolved.
  • Beaten Track’s Mitch Dudarko, Copperhead’s Jason Cox, Dave Dumay from Dad & Dave’s and Behemoth’s Paddy Molloy froth about some of their favourite pieces of brewing equipment.
  • Brewer Steve Brockman dives deep into brewing great fruit beers this Summer
  • And plenty more!

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