German-based beverage merchandising and dispensing company IMI Cornelius has taken another step forward in their search for sustainable beer cooling systems.

With the growth in the sustainability focus of the beer industry, IMI Cornelius was inspired to create the ecoFlo system. After investigating potential changes to the beer cooling system to save energy and remove environmentally harmful components, IMI Cornelius removed the commonly used refrigerant R134a and began to use the natural – and environmentally friendly – Hydrocarbon (R290), significantly reducing the environmental impact of the cooling system. Tests have shown that R134a has, approximately, a 400 times higher potential to cause global warming than R290.

To increase energy efficiency the insulation level on the cooling system was improved, reducing heat gain.

Energy savings have also been made with the development of a new agitator which adjusts rotation speed on demand. This not only saves energy but also reduces strain on the key components, improving their lifespan.

Testing has shown that the new system has an energy saving of 60 per cent, alongside an increased lifespan of key components.

IMI Cornelius will be at drinktec 2013 in Munich on 16-20 September 2013.

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