With the expansion of canning in the American craft beer market, CoMac of Italy – an established global supplier of kegging, bottling & canning equipment – is currently installing a canning line for the Surly Brewing Company of Minnesota, USA.

Expected to be in opperation by the end of the month, the Head Brewer from Surly recently visited Comac’s production facilities in Bergamo, Italy to ‘sign off’ on the new equipment.

According to CoMac the appeal of cans is that they are available in different sizes and shapes and offer a larger label area. The latter point is of particular not e for an industry that is renowned for creative labels, an important point of difference in the crowded marketplace.

The Surly line – with a capacity of 3,500cph consists of:

• A semi automatic depalletiser for empty cans
• Twist can rinser
• Filling / Seaming canning monoblock Model 8.1
• Lid Presence and under-level controls
• Can twister
• Drying tunnel and the relevant conveyors

CoMac is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.

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