The Pumphouse in Sydney is on a quest to find just the right person for the job… over to them:

“I have a theory that is a parallel universe. In “Seek” world, CV’s read almost like a hall of fame induction – let’s take this job application from “John” as an example:
“My vast array of skill sets have set me apart from the field – hiring me should almost be an afterthought given my peerless achievements, having invented the can-opener in my previous position I feel your workplace will benefit greatly by merely inhaling oxygen in my general area. In addition to being perfectly suited to every task I’ve ever been given, I’ll also make myself available for an hour once a week in order for employees to experience the deeper sense of being that is inside my dharma. Please note my aura turns bright orange on Tuesdays.
Your next employee.”
*whirring sound indicating back into the real world*
When John turns up in the interview however, the cracks appear:
Job Interviewer: What is your take on beer gastronomy John?
John: Oh normally I’d take a few gulps of Mylanta for that.

So why do we do it? Why have cover letters? Why have references for that matter? But that is a rant for another time…

Right now The Pumphouse Bar and Restaurant is looking for a Food and Beverage Supervisor and we are looking far and wide (OK, Seek and this website) to find him or her. Given our applicants off Seek tend to sound more like Sir Issac Newton’s budding heir apparent – we are looking for someone firstly who is genuine and chooses hospitality as a serious part of their career. That is no small ask.

Whenever someone performs well in hospitality normally one of the first questions from a guest is…”Ah great, so which course are you doing at Uni?” That is not to say we wouldn’t consider someone currently attending University but given we are offering a full-time position, that would also be a big ask.

So ultimately we believe someone, somewhere, some way, somehow…could be reading this right now and realize they are the perfect person to apply. If you know of someone who has a genuine passion and suitable experience for the gig then please do let them know.

I’d love to elaborate further but I’ve got to read through the latest cover letter ..Ooh, this looks good, he has completed a two year stint with the Michellen Accreditation group in Hamburg prior to being Ban Khee Moon’s personal concierge in Geneva…mmm I’ll read on…”

Contact Pumphouse Manager Jean-Francois Savaroc on 02 8217 4084 or… but clearly only if you are the heir to the throne of a small European nation who is looking for a hobby… or maybe just an awesome beer-related place to work.

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