The much-loved distillery, Southern Coast,has shut down, probably for good, according to the team behind the spirits.

And with only a few bottles of their Batch No 1 remaining for sale, collectors had better get in quick to claim a piece of Australian Whisky history.

The team behind the distillery say that the pressures of modern life are to blame more than anything – with full time jobs and families as well as the distilling business, it was all becoming a bit to hectic. The distillery was only ever supposed to be a part time project and the run-away success of their young, world class whiskies, made and maturedunder a tin roof, using Adelaide tap water is a story that will now be confined to Australian distilling history.

According to the team “It has been an incredibly satisfying journey, effectively disproving the conventional models and has beena lot of fun. Not many distilleries can boast about winning Liquid Gold with a two-year-old spirit!”

The last few bottles can be snapped up at Southern Coast Distillers.

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