Rounding out the news this week is our regular Something Frothy article – and this week, we’ve got some bad news for those of you who are living in Perth…

According to the number-crunching boffins at a company called Numbeo (which sounds made up, really), Perth is officially the most expensive city in Australia when it comes to buying a brew in a bar, restaurant or bottleshop.

For a pint of beer, the average cost in WA is $9. Ouch. That’s two bucks more expensive than both Melbourne and Darwin ($7 a pop), three bucks worse than Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra ($6 a go) and a horrifying $4 more than the average price in Hobart, where it’s a measly $5 a pint.

Of course, it’s most likely due to the whole ‘tyranny of distance’ thing, but even still – that’s a huge difference, and it’s not like Hobart is right next door to anything…

Anyway, if you like statistics – you know, because they’re all exciting and can teach you stuff – head along to the Numbeo website and have a poke around.

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