A Kiwi brewer has found his niche in Scotland, starting up the Old Worthy Brewing company and now he is looking for a distributor in Australia and in his homeland.

Nick Ravenhall is the proud bloke behind a uniquely Scottish style of beer – a funny concept given that he is a Kiwi by birth. But, following in the footsteps of those crazy Scottish lads at BrewDog, Ravenhall is determined to put Scottish brewing back on the map where it belongs, right next to its whisky.

Brewing Old Worthy Scottish Pale Ale on the picturesque Isle of Skye in on the West Coast of Scotland, Ravenhall says the team has created a niche product all of their own. Based on the famed IPA-style, Scottish Pale Ale features Challenger hops, a percentage of Scottish Distillery peat smoked barley and a touch of Highland heather honey to create a unique brew with a lingering smoky finish.

And don’t think this is simply a brew to be enjoyed alone – according to Ravenhall, it has been custom designed to perfectly compliment a favourite Scottish Single Malt in the traditional ‘Half n Half’ that is drunk all over Scotland and beyond. Not sure what that is? Well it is simply the drinking of a small dram of single malt to chase a beer – and with Old Worthy’s peaty flavours it seems like a match made in a beer and whisky lover’s heaven.

Already distributed throughout the UK, Sweden and Denmark the company is keen to expand their specialty product into the Antipodes.

Nick Ravenhall can be contacted at nick@oldworthybeer.co.uk or on 004795063771

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