With the last of the awards being dished out for 2012, the Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show Beer & Cider Competition has served up a few surprises.

Not only did the Champion Beer of the Show go to the NSW-based William Bull Brewery for their Limited Release IPA, but the Champion Queensland Beer award went to none other than CUB’s Victoria Bitter. A slight anomaly some might think, however, the beer is of course brewed at the company’s Yatala brewery, making it technically a product of the Sunshine State.

This will no doubt cause some consternation at XXXX, with the classic Queensland drop failing to pick up any major awards this year.

Of the local breweries Burleigh Brewing picked up a hat trick with a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze, Bacchus Brewing scored three Silver and one Bronze, 4 Hearts Brewing took home two Bronze), and Blue Sky Brewing nabbed a Bronze.

According to Wade Curtis from 4 Hearts Brewing, craft beer in Queensland is getting stronger, with a great range of new breweries and specialist beer bars opening all the time.

“Hopefully these awards will increase the awareness of craft beers with the general public,” he says. “And make it a little easier for smaller brewers to get their beers on tap in Queensland.”

This was the first year that cider has been included in the competition, with Stanthorpe’s Suttons Dry taking home the inaugural top honour.

Major Prize Winners

GRAND CHAMPION BEER OF SHOW: William Bull Brewery – Class 7 Cat. No. 5 – Williams Limited Release India Pale Ale

CRYERMALT CHAMPION QUEENSLAND BEER OF SHOW: Carlton & United Breweries – Class 2 Cat. No. 7 – Victoria Bitter

CHAMPION LAGER OF SHOW: Matilda Bay Brewing Company – Class 5 Cat. No. 2 – Dogbolter

LANCER BEVERAGE SYSTEMS CHAMPION ALE OF SHOW: William Bull Brewery – Class 7 Cat. No. 5 – Williams Limited Release India Pale Ale

CHAMPION CIDER OF SHOW: D J & R M Sutton – Class 16 Cat. No. 5 – Suttons Dry

For full medal results see here.

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