East 9th Brewing, the creators of Dos Blockos Pale Lager and Fog City Cider, have been tapping into some pretty major trends in order to pimp their third product: Lick Pier Ginger Beer.

As well as being dead on for this summer’s ginger obsession, the guys at East 9th decided to tackle this summer’s other major trend: beer cocktails.

In an effort to send a deserving member of the hospitality industry to see the real, live Lick Pier – on Venice Beach in California – the team sent out a call to bartenders across the country.

With the hot weather in Melbourne in full swing for the judging, Rob Libecans, from respected cocktail and beer loving joint Black Pearl, set about trying to help the East 9th team pick a winner.

In the end a creatively named Crouching Ginger, Hidden Apple – an apple, gin and Lick Pier concoction – from Luke of Gilbert Street Hotel in Adelaide took out the big prize.

So while Luke gets to hang out on Lick Pier, East 9th have supplied the recipe so that Ginger Beer fans can make their own, pull up a rickety deck chair in the backyard, and pretend they are their too.

Crouching Ginger, Hidden Apple

30ml Tanqueray Gin
15ml Apple schnapps
5ml lemongrass syrup
150ml Lick Pier Ginger Beer

Muddle half apple and quarter lime with the gin, schnapps and syrup.
Add ice and shake.
Strain into rock tumbler (with ice).
Top tumbler with lick pier ginger beer.
Garish with apple fan and lime spiral.

Lick Pier Alcoholic Ginger Beer is available in 660mL & 330mL nationally from all major liquor wholesalers, serious retailers and good bars.

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