Red Island Brewing Co has built on the successful launch of their Pale Ale releasing a ‘wingman’ for their original brew in the form of an India Pale Ale.

To continue with their stealth marketing campaign geared toward those who would rather not brag about their achievements, Red Island co-founder Patrick Alè says that the beer is for those who prefer to toast, rather than boast.

“With the market for an IPA more skewed towards male drinkers, a brewer’s most common bragging point is an IPAs extreme bitterness levels,” he says. “We aren’t out to impress out anyone by breaking any bitterness boundaries, but rather want to stay focused on producing high quality, highly sessionable beers.”

With a blend of four malts and featuring Cascade and Mosaic hops, the beer reportedly delivers fresh orange, grapefruit and mango aromas with a touch of oats to prived smoothness.

The Quiet Deeds range will soon also welcome a Kölsch to the family, though there is no release date as yet.

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