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Attractive Salary – Bonus plus Share Package

Coastwest Holdings Ltd, the new owners of The West Coast Brewery situated in Westport on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, are seeking a HEAD BREWER.

The West Coast Brewery has been in operation for 18 years in New Zealand and during that time has received many awards and proven it can survive the harshest conditions that can be handed out.

The West Coast Brewery is gaining a foothold in export markets and is in an expansion mode.

They are seeking a Head Brewer whose absolute passion for brewing and creating interesting seasonal brews on a regular basis is their driving force.

They will be meticulous in their attention to detail while having the highest standards in maintaining hygiene throughout the process. The uppermost quality possible is the order of the day, every day.

As Head Brewer good people skills are essential and this should be a provable fact rather than a generous statement.

You will have a willingness to work within proven systems to produce outstanding results, is fundamental to the role.

Keeping records and being prepared to carry out all jobs within the brewery is absolutely vital to the applicant being chosen.

You will be in charge of the brewery and able to work unsupervised and report to the directors.

It is a position with significant responsibility and the ability to adapt to any difficulties that arise is paramount to the successful operation of the brewery.

In the first instance please send your resume to along with a letter explaining what you bring to the table and why you are ideal for the position.

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