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Oxebar release latest home brewing technology

Oxebar’s latest bit of kit, The Fermentasaurus Uni Tank, allows home brewers to ferment, carbonate and dispense finished, clarified beer – all from one vessel. 

The specialists in large, polymer containers say that the technology has “completely revolutionized the way home brewers will make beer forever.”

Traditionally, most home brewers use a conventional flat bottom fermenter, which requires a transfer to a clarifying vessel to get the beer of the yeast cake and another into bottles or kegs to carbonate.

The Fermentasaurus solves this issue by using just one vessel that allows you to ferment, dump yeast out of the cone, then carbonate and do an oxygen-free transfer to a keg; it also allows brewers to dispense finished fermented beer straight out of the uni-tank into a glass.

“We are not only pushing plastics to the limits of what they can do but also setting new boundaries in blow moulding technology,” said Kee Doery, founder of Oxebar.

“This product has not been an easy one to manufacture and making a pressure vessel out of clear plastic that is robust enough to force carbonate beer in has been challenging.”

The single step approach of the Fermentasaurus saves huge amounts of time in home brew, reduces risk of infection and reduces exposure to oxygen.

It also comes with a yeast collection bottle which enables home brewers to collect and harvest yeast for their next batch, just like a large brewery would do.

The clear PET walls of the tank also allow you to see the complete fermentation process in action, while the ‘Floating Dip tube’ allows to only collect beer from the top of the fermenter, ensuring only the clearest possible beer is collected – eliminating the need for a rotating rack arm.

“We are just happy to see home brewers making better beer and saving time,” said Doery.