While antipodeans might be lamenting their inability to attend the games, they might change their tune once they hear the cost of a pint.

Bars at official games venues will be raking in the dollars as attendees of all nations fork out around £7 a pint. That is upward of AUD$11 and NZD$14 for a pint of Heineken, or a generic, unnamed ‘English Ale’ or ‘Cider’. That’s more than double the national average (in England) price of a pint in a non-games venue.

Unsurprisingly, the English are outraged. While, there is always the expectation of a price hike at official events – our footy and cricket venue prices are no different – this is off the chart. Especially considering the only beer available will be that supplied by a giant multinational and can be purchased far cheaper at a pub just down the road.

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