Old Mout (rhymes with fruit) Cider is always looking for new ways to bring to life new ciders for their fans to enjoy. And spreading the cider love is not just about cracking an ice cold bottle in summer. In the same way that your favourite wine can be heated and spiced, Old Mout is perfect for mulling on the stovetop, making it perfect for winter gatherings with stews and roasts on the menu.

And if you like your cider with a good old kick to it, Old Mout Scrumpy is perfect. This ‘strong, silent’ silent cider has a gutsy apple flavour that makes it delicious straight from the fridge as well.

But if your tastes run a little sweeter Boysencider, a union of refreshing apple cider with succulent boysenberry wine, can be gently heated like a traditional mulled wine, or star in the perfect cocktail. Whatever tickles your fancy really.
Available from Dan Murphy’s, Woolworths and BWS in 750mL bottles (perfect for sharing) and from a wide range of good bottlos in 4-packs (good for sharing and hording). Time to embrace the newest winter trend.

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