Nomad’s famous Freshie gose series returns in margarita format and again uses actual saltwater from the brewery’s nearby beach Freshwater but adds Murray River pink salt to its salinity plus real agave and lime for a drink that sums up exactly what it set out to achieve.

One of the original Salt & Pepper Freshie’s greatest achievements was how it turned non beer drinkers around to its charms and the same could and should happen here as you’d be hard pressed to find a palate not piqued by this. At 4.5% it drinks like the mid-strength margarita you’re after when it’s perhaps too early in the day for the real thing.

Pale straw and a little hazy, there is the faintest whiff of true-to-style earthy aromas but the salt and lime ensure the margarita theme is actualised from the outset. 

A good dose of lactic acid delivers a sharp, refreshing sourness where the agave, lime and salt are in step and dance across the tongue before making a swift and clean exit as you reach for another sip.

The Freshie Margarita Gose was released yesterday (March 11) at Nomad’s Brookvale brewpub and is out now in venues and bottleshops.

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