On the 10 of April a new website and accompanying free phone app were launched to assist those in search of ‘craft’ anything. Covering markets like specialty coffee roasting, fine tea making and, in particular, craft beer brewing, Sensaay aims to make it easier for users to track down new and interesting brands.

Aimed at both the businesses and the consumers, it is designed to be a two-fold interface. The press release states that “member companies have real-time control over the information displayed on the website and app, providing flexibility, brand control and more personalised connections with consumers”. While for consumers it offers the opportunity to “easily and seamlessly explore nearby locations and products, share them with friends, rate the products for personal use and reference them later”.

It will be interesting to see how the site expands its geographical range after it comes on the market (it is available for iPhone with an android version to arrive soon) – it is solely limited to the US right now. There is definite worldwide potential for an app that helps users track down and rate craft beer as the international groundswell of support goes from strength to strength. And as the app also targets the companies creating the beer by giving them access to their consumers on another level, outside of social media interfaces like Facebook and Twitter, the success of the site will be a test of how willing companies are to innovate further in order to extend their marketing reach. Watch this space.

For more information check out www.sensaay.com

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