Fermentis has announced the extension of its dry brewing yeast range this month with the launch of Safbrew F-2.

Specifically developed for bottle and cask conditioning Fermentis says it chose the new yeast for its respect of aroma profiles, stickiness to the bottom of the bottle or cask, high alcohol tolerance, and its ability to achieve a reliable carbonation in less than two weeks.

Research, in partnership with the Department of Brewing Sciences and Fermentation Technology at the Meurice Institute in Brussels, has shown that among a selection of brewing yeasts Safbrew F-2 showed the best results to referment a beer with an initial content of 11.5% v/v in less than two weeks.

Safbrew F-2 will be available to craft brewers in 20g sachets and can be bought in Austrlia and New Zealand through Bintani Australia.

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