Last year’s Mountain Goat collaboration with Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters gave birth to Seedy Goat – a Coffee IPA. And now it is back in 2012… but with a difference.

This year the coffee is the Nicaraguan Finca Jaime Molina Montecristo. (according to the Mountain Goat crew, you can call him: Jaime (pronounced: Hy-mee).

A Cup of Excellence Winner three years
in a row, grower Jaime Molina’s produce is imported by Seven Seeds and lightly roasted to keep the fruity
elements in tact but deliver maximum coffee flavour.

With the coffee displaying notes
of citrus, cherry and cocoa the brewers have chosen to match these elements wth their choice of hop characteristic for the IPA.

As a result, the 6.2% ABV brew utilises fruity Tasmanian Galaxy and US Cascade hop
aromas and flavours. And, according to the team it’s got a full, malty mouthfeel to underline and
support said fruitiness and weighs in at

With a subtle coffee taste, this is sure to be another winner. Get it in bottles or on tap at Goat Bar.

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