Monteith’s Warming Doppelbock Winter Ale is hitting shelves – and taps – for a strictly limited time this frosty winter season.

First brought over the ditch in 2008, the arrival of the Winter Ale on shelves is a sure fire indication to beer fans that the cold weather is definitely here to stay.

Brewed with six malts the beer packs a 6.0% ABV and is hopped with local Kiwi Hallertau hops – a breed that is typical in German Bock-style beers – to balance the full, malty character.

Wintery but still aiming to be drinkable, the Doppelbock style was originally brewed in Bavaria to tide the locals through their traditional fasting period, hence it was nicknamed ‘liquid bread’.

According to Monteith’s Marketing Manager Grant Caunter, the beer will benefit from not being served too, to capture the full aroma of the brew.

“The best way to enjoy the Doppelbock is in a wide-bowled glass with plenty of room to swirl the beer and capture the comforting, chocolate aroma,” he says. “It’s divine on a cold night served a little warmer than other beers and matched with some blue cheese. It also matches very well with rich, wintery foods.”

So dust off those brandy balloons and prepare yourself a cheese platter before grabbing a sixer for $16.99 or a case for $59.99, from major liquor outlets and specialty independent bottle shops. There is also a few kegs floating around so keep an eye out at your

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