Artisans of Amber have had a delivery of Mata Beer from NZ. They’ve roped in four delicious brews so get into it before they disappear.

Blondie – Belgian Wit – is a refreshing, cloudy Belgian style wheat beer brewed with a specially selected Belgian yeast strain. Mouth-watering aromas and flavours of coriander and citrus are evident and traditional to style along with a secret indigenous NZ spice. MATA BLONDIE remains unfiltered to retain its unique yeast character.

Brown Boy – Amber Ale – is a luscious full flavoured amber ale that pours a striking reddish brown. The specialty 4 malt blend brings caramel, toffee-like, malty characteristics balanced by refreshing hop flavour and aroma, medium bitterness, and a dash of pepper from NZ’s indigenous horopito. Kiwi magic!

Black Bru – Dark Ale (Seasonal beer) – pours a rich creamy head settling to black with a deep red hue. This very drinkable Irish style stout is full of alluring flavours and aromas of coffee, chocolate and roasted barley which linger with every mouthful.

Taniwha – Native NZ Ale (Limited Release) – a hangi pit (a New Zealand style earth oven) is filled with malted barley, sweet kumara and potatoes to enhance the flavours and aroma of a hangi before brewing this beer. This brew is a silky smooth full bodied malty ale infused with smoky, earthy, barbeque notes and whiskey like character.

For more info regarding these beers or for anyone wanting to stock them, email or call +61414955973

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