Following the success of their limited release Orchard Crush Apple Cider on tap, James Squire has launched a 500mL bottled product.

According to Squire’s chief brewer, Tony Jones, the brewery had been experimenting with cider for some time prior to this latest release.

“It’s a category we know consumers are enjoying and exploring,” he says. “And we believe our new cider will certainly please James Squire fans and lovers of good cider.”

In a saturated market it can be difficult to differentiate a new brand from the wide variety of those already available. While Orchard Crush has the benefit of a well established beer brand behind it, Jones is keen to point out that they have put a lot of effort into sourcing local, fresh produce to create a flavourful drink.

“This lifts the fresh apple character in the finished liquid and differentiates Orchard Crush from the myriad of cider brands on the market,” Jones says.

According to the brewery the cider is a traditional cloudy cider that utilises a high proportion of seasonal, locally grown apples for a broad, clean palate and crisp finish.

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