International specialty malt brand Weyermann is set to introduce a brand new customer app specifically designed to decipher batch-specific product barcodes generated by the company’s new automated production tracking system.

Set to be complete in early 2013, the inventory management system incorporates malt analysis data into a smartphone-scannable QR code.

The data included in the code offers compelte transparency and traceability for each batch at any stage of production – offering buyers the ability to capture all pertinent batch data for any grain’s passage through the Weyermann plant. This includes information on: incoming inspection, clearance by metal detectors, the malting process, and the bagging and palletising steps.

Most importantly the code will detail the results of the physical chemical malt analysis, contain the product batch code, list the dates of each production step, and feature a “best-before” date.

According to Weyermann, the point of the app is to allow customers the ability to effortlessly verify the state of their product upon delivery, creating even more customer loyalty. Along with the new app, Weyermann says they will continue to ship with their traditional quality guarantee – only now customers will have proof as well as trust to back up their investment.

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