Hop Products Australia (HPA) has commissioned its new processing facility at Buffalo River Valley ahead of the commercial hop harvest this March.

The event marks the completion of the first phase of a $35 million expansion that aims to increase HPA’s total production to 2,400 metric tonnes by 2024.

In addition to the new facility, which included the installation of one Daunhauer picker and six kiln floors, HPA has also now planted 150 new hectares.

Phase two will see the company plant an additional 150 hectares and install a second Daunhauer picker and another six kiln floors over the next three years.

The plantings are expected to boost the production of in-demand varieties, such as Galaxy, Vic Secret and Topaz, as well as HPA-016, HPA’s newest proprietary variety.

“The opening of the new Buffalo River Valley processing facility will be a much needed boost to the surrounding communities that have been battered by the recent bushfires, with many businesses having to close for extended periods of time over their peak tourism season,” HPA says in a statement.

“To show some support for their neighbours, HPA will be showcasing local food and beverages at the opening, as well as encouraging any customers who have scheduled a farm tour over the course of harvest to stay a night or two and really experience everything High Country Victoria has to offer.”

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