As Dry July approaches, beer drinkers around the country are putting down their favourite full-strength beers to take part in the month-long challenge and raise funds for people affected by cancer.

In recent years, the moderation mindset has become much more mainstream, with no-alcohol now accounting for two thirds of the growing no- and low-alcohol category, with 72 per cent of that made up of beer and cider.

Non-alcoholic beer and ciders are driving volume growth for the no- and low-alcohol category, and the result is a flourishing market. Non-alcoholic beers have evolved drastically over the last few years, offering a variety of flavourful options that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

Beer & Brewer has rounded up some of the most popular non-alcoholic beers on shelves and taps across the country, to ensure that your Dry July experience is as enjoyable as ever.

Guinness 0.0

Earlier this year, Guinness 0.0, the non-alcoholic version of the famous Irish stout, was rolled out in Australia by Lion after a successful launch in international markets.

With the same smooth taste and balanced flavour of regular Guinness, Guinness 0.0 is a low-calorie option for stout fans looking to moderate their alcohol consumption.

According to data from Lion Australia, no- and low-alcohol (NoLo) beer has increased its market share year-on-year for the last four years, and Albertus Lombard, Brand Director of Premium Beer, Lion, said that the release responds to consumer demand.

“As one of the world’s oldest and most loved drinks, Guinness continues to remain at the forefront of innovation. The launch of Guinness 0.0 is catering to consumer needs, without compromising on the signature Guinness flavour profile that its drinkers know and love.”

Son of A Nun

Born out of a belief that nobody should be left out from having a toast with mates, Son of A Nun offers a ranger of better-for-you beers designed to suit every lifestyle, including a non-alcoholic lager.

Made for lager lovers in the search of guilt-free beers, the Son of A Nun range is made using only the finest ingredients, and brewed to perfection in an Australian family-owned brewery in country NSW.

Son of A Nun Zero Alcohol has a clean, crisp taste and lower hop bitterness, boasting a meltier, denser flavour profile with subtle caramel notes, with gentle carbonation.

At just 65 calories and 0.5 per cent ABV, Son of A Nun Zero Alcohol responds to consumer demand for healthier alternatives.

Heaps Normal

The mission for Heaps Normal is to brew beer that tastes so good you won’t miss the alcohol, with a core range of four non-alcoholic beers.

The core range includes Another Lager, Heaps Normal’s riff on a classic Aussie beer, designed to replicate the crisp lager experience without any of the downsides.

Quiet XPA is a full-flavoured beer with tropical citrus aroma, balanced bitterness and a subtle malt sweetness. Rounding out the range is fruity hazy pale ale Half Day Lazy, and Cheeky IPA.

Cheeky IPA is a refreshingly dry, crisp West Coast IPA with a delightfully bitter finish. Crafted in collaboration with eco-friendly toilet paper company Who Gives a Crap, $1.50 from every can of Cheeky IPA sold goes to WaterAid, to help build toilets where they’re needed the most.

To coincide with the month of July, Heaps Normal has launched its Just Say No to Water campaign for the second year running. The campaign encourages Aussies to enjoy a non-alcoholic beer during July in a 90s PSA spoof featuring musician Donny Benét as a talk show host.

Little Creatures

Flying Low is a non-alcoholic pale ale, and Little Creatures’ first step into the world of non-alcoholic beer.

Dry hopped and full-bodied, Flying Low promises the full flavour you would expect from craft beer, but non-alcoholic. The pale ale features passionfruit, stone fruits, zesty citrus peel and sweet mandarin.

Little Creatures describes Flying Low as “a hoppy ale that’s very low alcohol and delightfully fruity using a combination of Chinook, Mosaic and Simcoe hops.

“Careful dry hopping brings through lots of flavour with 0.5% ABV and a clean hoppy hallmark.”

Beneficial Beer Co

Dedicated non-alcoholic brewery Beneficial Beer Co utilises an innovative alcohol removal process to provide full-flavoured, alcohol-free beers. The Beneficial Beer Co range consists of the Stone Cold Lager, Wagon Drivers Pale Ale, and Dave’s Drunkenless Dark Ale. The entire range is vegan, low in carbs, low in calories, with less than 0.5 per cent ABV.

Founder David Jackson retrained to be a brewer in 2021 after going alcohol-free for a year, and started brewing non-alcoholic beer with guidance from brewer and beer judge Bruce Peachy.

“We make a mid-strength beer, cellar it until we’re ready to can it, and then we remove only the alcohol via cold filtration, leaving all the flavours, esters and aromas of a real beer. We do a full fermentation which allows our beer to be highly sessionable. You can drink lots of our beers without feeling it in your stomach and you can actually taste the hops,” Jackson explained.

The Beneficial Beer Co range has already been recognised with several awards. All three beers received a silver medal at the Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show, and the Stone Cold Lager was awarded bronze at both the Melbourne Royal Australian International Beer Awards and the Royal Queensland Beer Awards.

Willie Smith’s

Featured in the award-winning Willie Smith’s portfolio is the Willie Smith’s Non-Alc Apple Cider, crafted to adult tastes, balancing sweetness, tannin and acidity. Aligned with other craft non-alcoholic beverage offerings, it has less than 0.5 per cent ABV.

Creating this special flavour profile was not easy for Willie Smith’s, and was achieved thanks to a commitment to innovation alongside the cidery’s tradition.

Specific production methods are a closely guarded secret, but it was confirmed by the brand at the time of launch that the cider’s creation follows all the same principles that have made Willie Smith’s a success so far – with only organic Tasmanian apples and nothing artificial used, and the cidermaking staying on the farm to ensure the freshest flavours.

BentSpoke Brewing Co

Winning a gold medal at this year’s AIBAs, Bentspoke’s non-alc IPA, FreeWheeler, is an example of the high quality of low- and no-alc beers being produced by Australian craft breweries.

BentSpoke maintains the hop-forward flavour of an IPA with a state-of-the-art filtration system. Using equipment manufactured by DME, the fermented beer flavour is separated from the permeate, or the alcohol and water. This flavour is then added to deaerated water, carbonated, and canned.

BentSpoke’s Director, Rich Watkins, said that FreeWheeler is a continuation of the brewery’s dedication to creating great tasting beer.

“Mine and Tracy’s commitment to staying true to our origins – creating beers we love – underscores our approach to our first non-alc beer. Developing FreeWheeler required significant effort, but the result is something we’re truly proud of. It reflects not only the industry’s evolution and changing consumer preferences but also our dedication to listening to our customers while preserving what makes BentSpoke, BentSpoke.”


XXXX Zero was the first non-alcoholic release from the Queensland brewery in almost a century and a half of brewing, responding to increasing demand for these beverages and leveraging XXXX’s existing brands in marketing this expression.

In 2022, at the time of release, XXXX’s home-state of Queensland was identified as the largest market for non-alcoholic beer in Australia, with the category as a whole growing at 62 per cent year on year, according to IRI Scan Data.

XXXX Zero is produced in a similar lager style to the brand’s established beers, made using barley malted in Queensland which provides a malt-driven flavour-profile, close to the style of its alcoholic counterparts. The inclusion of Nelson Sauvin hops is said to give XXXX Zero a ‘slight aroma and crisp finish.’

James Squire

The addition of alcohol-free lager Zero to the James Squire core range saw the Lion-owned brewery applying its brewing heritage and craft credentials to join a booming market segment.

Brewed in Sydney, the brand says James Squire Zero is “designed for those seeking moderation in social drinking occasions, but still prioritising the full, refreshing flavour of a full-strength beer”, and since its release three years ago, has helped to shift drinkers’ perceptions about the flavour and quality of non-alcoholic beer.

James Squire Zero is described as “an expertly crafted full flavour alcohol free brew with a balance of malt and hop notes for a clean, crisp finish.”

Dry July is a fundraising campaign, raising funds for people affected by cancer. To sign up or donate, visit

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