Happy Goblin has extended their range of carefully hand-made, fresh beers to include a few new flavours. As well as their Pale Ale – made with a blend of traditional ale malt with additional Vienna and amber malts – they have created a Stout especially for the winter market. Made with more of the Vienna and coloured malts, as well as darker roasted malts. It is a very malty beer with moderate burnt flavours and bitterness. The beer typically has an alcohol content slightly over 7.0%. It will be available in limited quantities over the winter season.

And keep an eye for their all-malt, alcoholic Ginger Beer come summer. It is the perfect brew for drinking in the warm sunshine.

Closer in nature to an English Cask Ale, Happy Goblin beer has slight variations in flavour and alcohol content between each batch. As a result, the exact alcohol content is handwritten on every bottle. Happy Goblin’s brews are available from selected outlets.

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