Nail Brewing is set for a boost with John Stallwood kicking off brewing in his new brewhouse in Bassandean, WA. The award-winning and record breaking brewery – Nail scored Best Australian Stout nine times as well as brewing the world’s most expensive beer at $1800 for a single bottle – had been through it’s share of ups and downs in recent times.

The brand was placed on a temporary hiatus while Stallwood recovered from serious head injuries that he sustained in an assault in 2004. But, thankfully, he was able to return to brewing in 2008, and has been working out of the Edith Cowan University campus in Joondalup, WA.

Now, with a new brewhouse located on Collier Road in Bassendean, east of Perth, he is glad to be settled and getting into brewing.

“There is still a lot to do,” he says. “But we’ve go the site and the beer is fermenting. So it’s all going well.”

Brewing at the new premises began last Friday with 10,000 litres of Naile Ale currently fermenting, ready to be kegged and bottled next week, and plans for 10,000 litres of Nail Stout to follow. And according to Stallwood the new brewhouse will allow for plenty of growth. “The new capacity is 20,000 litre per month,” he says. “So when we fulfill that we can expand by another 20,000 litres.”

With distribution spreading throughout WA, it won’t be long before this iconic brand will be in fridges across the country.

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