GoodTime Burgers is a ground floor restaurant
and bar within The Eastern Hotel, Bondi Junction (NSW) that is themed as a
burger bar and craft beer bar. Nothing beats a great beer with a great burger,
maybe pizza, but GoodTime Burgers will be officially
open this Saturday December 14th with opening hours from 10am to 4am
– that’s right its closed for only six hours a day.

The burger bar was the brain child of owner Andrew Lazarus, who also owns well established Sydney nightlife venues, The Eastern Hotel and The Grand Hotel both in Bondi Junction, Soho in Kings Cross and The Vauxhall Inn, Parramatta.

The idea of the burger bar Mr Lazarus says “came from a recent visit to New Zealand for some skiing in Queenstown where I came across Fergburger. It is open 22 hours a day being shut from 5am-7am, they serve a Breakfast Burger and if you Google World’s Best Burgers they came up”.

“GoodTime Burgers is a concept that I believe is uniquely different in a hot market,and I intend to replicate it in my other bars. The end goal is to franchise thisconcept; a lot of thought has gone into what we are doing,” Lazarus explained.

“GoodTime Burgers will basically be a big kids play space. We have taken a kid’s
menu and morphed it into an adult one. We have the latest license in the Eastern
Suburbs, DJs nightly, Hostesses on roller skates and live sport on six big screens,”
he said.

“This is Bondi, one of the most famous surf towns in the world. We want ourcustomers to experience that wonderful surf town vibe distinct to Bondi in ourvenue. Locals will feel at home and visitors will enjoy an experience that is veryBondi, with some playful New York influences.”

The burger bar is also a craft beer bar, with 69 craft beers on tap and in bottle. There are 12 taps with at least half of the taps dedicated to craft beer, including Nail, Grifter (NSW), Feral (WA) and Stone & Wood (NSW) along with local and imported beers in the bottle.

The plan is to run beer and burger matching nights, along with ensuring the best selection of local and imported craft beers are available on tap and in bottle for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

GoodTime Burgers has chosen some celebrities and personalities who are local to the Bondi area to be Ambassadors of each of the burgers, to show its connection and relevance to the local market. Here is a list of the burgers with the Ambassadors:

1. Good Ol’ Time – Tajima Wagyu beef pattie garnished with tomato chutney coral lettuce, sliced tomato & spanish onion.
Burger Ambassador – RAY RAY (Bondi Local and Talent Booker).

2. The Steak Out – aioli & australian cheddar. Cape Grim Grassfed 150g rib eye steak garnished with pickled beetroot, sliced tomato coral lettuce, caramelized onion & aioli.
Burger Ambassador – COREY OLIVER (Bondi Rescue).

3. Lamb Bam Thank You Mam – Riverina Lamb pattie, garnished with tzatziki, kalamata olive tapenade, coral lettuce.
Burger Ambassador – JIMMY SMITH (ex-Footy Player and TV presenter).

4. Double Trouble – sliced spanish onion & hummos 2 x Tajima Wagyu beef pattie with 2 x australian cheddar garnished with coral lettuce, sliced tomato & onion.
Burger Ambassador – MAX ABBOTT (Fox Sports).

5. Notorious P.I.G – blackforest smokehouse bacon, tomato chutney & aioli Berkshire pulled pork garnished with yoghurt slaw sliced gherkin & smoked eggplant.
Burger Ambassador – PERTH STANDLICK (Pro – Surfer).

6. Juicy Lucy – Tajima Wagyu pattie stuffed with Woodside brie & cheddar garnished with tomato chutney, coral lettuce sliced tomato & spanish onion & aioli.
Burger Ambassador – MICHAEL CROCKER (ex- Roosters).

7. The Freebird – garnished with tomato chutney, coral lettuce free range chicken breast, brined and marinated. sliced tomato & spanish onion & aioli garnished with tomato chutney, coral lettuce sliced tomato & spanish onion & aioli.
Burger Ambassador – HUGH PAYTEN SMITH (Cultural Influencer at Sailor Jerry Rum).

8. 34DD – free range chicken breast, brined and crumbed garnished with guacamole, chipotle slaw blackforest smokehouse bacon, baby spinach & chipotle mayo
Burger Ambassador – SHANE MORAN (Canteen).

9. Naked & Shameless – Cape Grim Grassfed Beef Pattie garnished with no bun
coral lettuce, tomato chutney, roast mushroom sliced tomato & spanish onion & gherkin
Burger Ambassador – TALI JATALI (Model and Designer).

10. Don’t Have a Cow – ya-ya’s chickpea pattie garnished with guacamole, coral lettuce sliced tomato, pickled beetroot & aioli
Burger Ambassador – PETE SMITH (Hollister).

As you can see the burger names are fun and guests may even be served by one of the waitresses rolling around on scates!

Burgers range in price from $10 – $15, providing great value for money.

There are also chips available called Fat Twice Cooked Chips with a choice of 10 home-made sauces, destined to be the darling of the east’s fast food set. Flavours include:

  1. Aioli.
  2. Chipotle Mayo.
  3. BBQ.
  4. Honey Mustard.
  5. Ranch.
  6. Achiote Mayo.
  7. Olive & Anchovy.
  8. El Topo Hot Sauce.
  9. Green Peppercorn Curry.
  10. Liquid Cheese.

GoodTime Burgers is located in The Eastern Hotel at 500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, next to Westfield Bondi Junction. It opens Saturday, 14th December, 10am – 4am.

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