Not content to be Australia’s highest selling beer, XXXX Gold have been busily creating the ultimate beer lover’s paradise and, now, that dream would appear to necessitate a toilet replete with one way mirrors, a glass floor and a scenic view of said paradise – appropriately nicknamed the ‘golden nugget’.

This clearly brilliant idea was one of more than 3000 ideas submitted to the XXXX Gold team as Aussie beer lovers fought it out to win a trip to XXXX Island valued at $10,000.

After more than 27,500 votes were cast the creators of the top five ideas (including the developer of the ‘golden nugget’) scored one of the first coveted trips to XXXX Island for themselves and three mates – when the island officially opens in October 2012.

Anna McMillan, XXXX Marketing Manager, says that the team were blown away by the amazing suggestions submitted to the website. “XXXX Island is all about offering Aussies the chance to experience the good life and enjoy a weekend away with their mates,” she says. “And these ideas will help make their time on XXXX Island an even greater experience.”

The other winning ideas were:

– The Tree House – A fully decked out tree house overlooking the beach (think Swiss Family Robinson) with the addition of a fireman’s pole and basketball hoop.

– XXXX Footy – Positioning floating footy posts 20 metres offshore where guests can kick for goals from the beach. The ball would be attached to a fishing wire so it could easily retrieved.

– Bruce the Beer Butler – Board shorts and tails; a butler who will make sure every minute of every hour of the day is pure gold.

– Auto Lotion Sprayer – Avoid that awkward moment when you need to apply sunscreen to your mate’s back. The automatic machine would spray you with sunscreen before you go about your activities on XXXX Island.

XXXX Gold is now considering the logistics of creating the ideas submitted and will keep their fans updated of their progress via

And don’t lament missing out on the chance to visit – there will be loads more opportunities between now and September, just head to their website to find out how.

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