International yeast suppliers Lallemand Brewing has released a dry yeast version of a Saison yeast, for the first time ever. Named Belle Saison, the yeast is a classic Belgian Saison strain that will give brewers the freedom to create Saisons and Farmhouse Ales, complete with complex characteristics associated with these styles, with the ease of a dry yeast.

The yeast is designed to be fermented at warm temperatures (around 32ºC) towards developing a unique combination of esters and aromatic characteristics that typify the best of these styles.

According to Lallemand, Belle Saison will offer brewers an unequalled fermentation performance, allowing them to create award-winning beers time and again.

If you are looking to add a new range of styles to your beer portfolio, Belle Saison will give you the ability to create Farmhouse-style beers with ease and reliability.

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