This month will see an addition to the Knappstein family with their new Vintage Brew: a Barrel-Aged Lager.

A collaboration between the brewer and the winemaker, the brew is aimed at the noble task of bridging the divide between beer and wine. As such it has been cold matures at four degrees Celsius and wine barrel-aged for five weeks – in a six-year-old Shiraz oak barrel from Dargaud & Jaegle – offering a beer/wine spin on the currently trend of barrel-aging in whisky or bourbon casks.

According to Glenn, the winemaker, the palate has an “increased sweetness and weight coming from the oak integration”. While Damo, the brewer, says that the creamy vanilla edge gives the brew drinkability.

The Stats:

Style: Bavarian Lager

ABV: 5.6%

Food Match: Thai spiced, pan-seared scallops

To be released this month, this is a limited edition brew from the Clare Valley-based Enterprise brewery.

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