Described as “clattering theatrically through McLaran Vale” with a “wagon full of mysterious potions” the enigmatic Dr Pilkington has finally chosen to expand his production and launch his miracle cider in time for summer.

Previously revealed as a potential cure for everything from curly hair to left-handedness, the cider will be attracting pilgrims to venues nationally from mid-October after an extremely successful trial run in a number of Woolies Liquor stores.

The brainchild of the McLaren Vale Beer Company, the tale of Dr Pilkington is rapidly becoming something of a fairy tale, with the official press release touting a “lonely winters evening” and a “miracle apple tonic”. The man himself even has a few things to say about the mystical properties of his cider.

“Although I’m a master distiller and have trophies on every continent for my secret ‘potions’, the fermentation of apples is a relatively new-found hobby of mine,” he says. “Being a keen time traveller and surveyor of sensory partialities, it seems to me this is the beverage of the future. So many miracle possibilities.”

The firmly tongue-in-cheek brand is a sure fire cure for plenty of woes, the least of which is thirst this summer. With reputedly clean, crisp apple flavours, perfect for serving over ice, this quirky little brew could be the cure for plenty of woes… just make sure you check the label – you don’t want to sure your trouble with cats instead of your lazy foot…

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