Coopers Brewery has made another major announcement, revealing that they have signed a contract to brew and distribute Carlsberg beer in Australia. The deal was jointly announced today by Coopers’ Managing Director, Dr Tim Cooper, the Managing Director of Premium Beverages, Mr Bruce Siney, and the Regional Manager for Carlsberg, Mr Anders Rosendal.

Effective from July 1 this year, Coopers will produce bottled and draught Carlsberg beer at its Regency Park brewery in Adelaide, with sales and distribution to be undertaken by Coopers’ subsidiary, Premium Beverages. It is a deal not to be sneezed at, with the annual sales of Carlsberg in the Australian market weighing in at around 500,000 cartons and 6500 kegs.

Additionally, Coopers and Premium Beverages will handle the distribution of Kronenbourg 1664 – a relatively small player in the Australian market, yet one they believe has a lot of potential.

Dr Cooper expressed his satisfaction with the deal, which extends the relationship between Coopers and Carlsberg – his company had a previously existing engagement with Carlsberg, brewing their ultra-low alcohol beer Birell. “This represents nine years of patient endeavour. Having always wanted Carlsberg as part of our brewing portfolio of products, I have been a regular visitor to Carlsberg to discuss potential brewing and distribution opportunities,” he said.

Mr Rosendal also expressed a similar view. “We see the absolute commitment to quality at Coopers Brewery, and the proven ability with Premium Beverages for growing premium brands, as a great fit for the Carlsberg brand in Australia,” he said.

The announcement is the second big move from Coopers – they announced their takeover of Mr Beer last month – as they celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2012.

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