In celebration of Coopers’ managing director and chief brewer Dr Tim Cooper turning 60, the brewery is releasing limited edition 440ml cans of his eponymous beer, Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale.

Coopers is currently rolling out 20,000 cases of Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale in the 440ml can format, which will we the first time Coopers has released a 440ml can.

“Members of Dr Cooper’s brewing team suggested that a special edition can of Dr Tim’s would be a suitable recognition,” said Coopers’ national sales and marketing director Cam Pearce.

“The decision was made for this to be a 440ml can, to be sold at the same price as the 375ml can.”

Dr Tim’s Traditional Ale was first produced in 2004 as an experiment to see whether Coopers’ ales, which undergo secondary fermentation, could be successfully packaged in cans.

It’s been a busy month for Coopers, which has just released a national campaign for its Sparkling Ale designed to underline the history, quality and consistency of the beer.

“Our commitment to quality and consistency hasn’t changed for over 150 years,” Pearce said. “We’ve never compromised on quality, and never could, and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

To take a look at the campaign, check out the new Sparkling Ale cinema advertisement below.



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  1. Now for the rest of their range in cans please. So much easier and quicker to chill than bottles, plus they are lighter and can be crushed for recycling, as well as no light infiltration. Its not 1862 anymore guys.. Get with it! 🙂

  2. No, it’s not the first Coopers produced beer in 440ml cans. They put out Carlsberg BUL in them, and I bought a slab the other week under the impression that they were direct imported Carlsberg. I’d guess putting in this canning line was part of the Carlsberg deal but as Flex Paul says, they obviously now have the capacity… so let’s have more.

  3. I have had coopers other 440ml offering and I advise caution as I suspect Coopers has stuffed up the brewing of the carlsberg 440ml cans.
    Evidence – they are unusually cheap as a regular deal in some bottle shop chains ($12 per 4 pack 440ml or buy two for $11 each!).
    – almost every can froths out of the can upon opening (possible attempt to “fix” alcohol content by adding sugar to the batch late in brewing process).

    I can drink beer with the usual hangover (I’m a reasonably fit 6’3″ gorilla) resulting but after drinking 8 of these cans I felt like death the next day. Toxins coming out of every pore. I suggest that the 4.8% alcohol rating is the bare minimum of it actual %.
    If I worked for a brewing company that stuffed an entire batch I’d be trying to flog them cheap.
    It reminds me of another of Coopers dodgy beers the “Vintage ale”
    Which has such a strong alcohol flavour I suspect they just added pure ethenol to it.
    If you buy some and every can froths you may have the suspected batch.
    Just my opinion.

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