16 February 2011

For Coeliacs, (people who are gluten intolerant), beer is a no-go zone. Imagine how they suffer watching their mates enjoy a nice cold beer on a hot summer afternoon. Imagine longing for a beer, but knowing that every mouthful will cause you pain later on. Imagine knowing the only beer you can drink will cost you $100 a carton!

These problems are faced by every gluten-intolerant person, until now. Over the years, David Kitchen of Brewers Choice has had many enquiries from unhappy people seeking an affordable, satisfying supply of gluten free beer.

“Previously, we had to turn those people away or recommend rice “beers”. But now, we can help them make beers that will exceed their expectations, and at a price that allows them to have a drink when they want to, not when they can afford to”.

The beer kits, produced by Brewers Choice, were developed after one of the staff attended a party with a person who could not enjoy a simple beer with their friends. With as many as one in every hundred people gluten-intolerant, the company thought this situation was worthy of finding a solution.

After much research, a suitable product was found overseas and three home-brew beer kits have been developed as a result – an OZ Pale Ale, with crisp, citrusy undertones, a Honey Cascade Beer, with a subtle honey flavour, and a Golden Ale, with a lovely colour and Amarillo hops – the hop of choice for many new craft beers.

At a cost of less than $20 per carton of beer, the Gluten-free kits make beer drinking a possibility for Coeliacs, at a price cheaper than XXXX or VB. Brewers Choice Gluten-free beer kits are now available at Brewers Choice stores around Brisbane or via the Gluten-free home brewing website –www.gfhomebrewing.com.au.

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